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How to ensure your deck looks brand new for years!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

If you are planning on adding a timber deck to your property or you already have a timber deck installed, these five steps will be beneficial for you to ensure your timber deck maintains its beauty all year round and add value to your home.

Step 1

Choose the right wood, as each type looks and acts differently. Commonly chosen wood for an outdoor deck include:

  • Hardwoods such as Jarrah, Spotted Gum and Merbau, are popular in Australia as they are very durable and look great. 

  • Treated pine is an affordable and commonly used timber around homes. Treated pine is Radiata Pine that has been pressure-treated to prevent decay, fungi and termites.

Step 2

Ensure your property has sufficient drainage to avoid water damage and build up of mould and mildew.

Step 3

Make sure your deck is properly assembled, by somebody who has professional building knowledge or a professional and trusted building services company such as Casey Property Services.

Step 4

Once you have an assembled deck you have to maintain it!

Over time your deck can lose its natural oils, and build up tanin and dirt making it look old and tired. To ensure your deck maintains its natural beauty you have to remember to prep and stain the deck at least once a year with quality products. 

Before staining your deck remember to prep your deck with a deck cleaner. The acids in deck cleaner will help remove the dirt and prepare the timber for staining. By missing this step you risk an uneven stained deck or the stain not lasting as long. When your deck is dry after prepping it, it is ready to coat. 

When choosing a stain remember you get what you pay for, so purchase a good quality stain and sealant to ensure maximum results. Applying 1-2 coats of stain is enough, remember don't apply too much as it may not absorb into the wood and you could saturate the wood. 

TIP - Each type of wood soaks up stain differently so be aware of what type of wood your deck is made out of, to ensure you get the right colour stain

Step 5

Once your wood has dried fully and has returned to its former glory, it is ready to be admired for another season. Ensure your plants and furniture are carefully placed on the deck to keep the deck looking brand new. 

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